Transformer Protection

Transformer Protection

ASHIDA has designed economical & reliable Multifunction ADR233B Protection. Transformer protection relay type ADR233B and A21T are simple and compact models. Power Transformers are crucial assets due to its high cost & functional importance. ASHIDA has developed a wide range of advanced transformer protection relays for various transformer applications, providing state-of-the-art protection and control. Apart from basic differential relay functionality, these relays can fit seamlessly into your automation requirement.

Transformer Protection-ADR233B is second generation Numerical Transformer Differential + Over Current Protection Relay. It consists of all the necessary protection and monitoring functions required for transformer. The High speed Digital Signal Controller continuously monitors Line Phase current, HV and LV current, REF current, along with different status input through CTs and optical isolated status connections. The high-speed microcontroller samples these current signals through an A/D converter.

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Transformer Differential Protection Relay (ADR233B) designed with fast and selective tripping ensures the stability and availability of electrical power system. Communication is available with IEC standard open protocols such as IEC61850, IEC60870-5-103, MODBUS and DNP3 (Optional). ADR233B Transformer protection relay has Two winding phase differential Protection which is equipped with functionality of multi-function transformer protection.

ASHIDA make Transformer Differential Protection Relay (ADR233B) equipped with features such as Broken Conductor detection and Breaker Failure. The differential protection of ADR233B relay can be applied to protect two winding transformers and three winding transformers, auto transformer, generator, Reactor and motor against their internal faults. ADR233B relay provides fault record facility. The fault records can be display either on HMI display or in RTV2 software.

ASHIDA has more than 47 years of experience in power protection solutions. ASHIDA offers Unique and Customized Design solutions with expertise in integration of different makes of transformer protection relays & differential relay as well as prompt after sales support.

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