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ASHIDA ELECTRONICS, a partnership firm was established in 1970 as manufacturers of geo-engineering and water management instruments. In 1985, the company started manufacturing Power System Protection Relays. Eventually the company was converted into a Private Limited Company in the year 1994.

ASHIDA is a leading Indian manufacturer & supplier of complete range of Numerical, Static & Auxiliary Protection Relays. ASHIDA is the first company in India to develop a range of Static and Numerical Relays indigenously.

In addition to Protection Relays, ASHIDA manufactures Control & Relay Panels and have its own SCADA System with all latest communication protocols like IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5- 103,DNP 3, MODBUS etc.

All Relays are thoroughly Type-Tested for their vital technical parameters & also for EMI/EMC as per International IEC - Test Specifications. Numerical Relays are type tested for their vital parameters from KEMA and ASTA. More than 1 million Relays are protecting key electrical installations all over the world.

As per the specific requirements & the needs of the client ASHIDA can Design, Manufacture,Supply, Install & Commission entire ASHIDA SCADA System.

ASHIDA has successfully completed around 300 projects at various voltage levels from 11KV to 400KV in India & Abroad.

ASHIDA has received Best Product Developed award in world’s largest exhibition ELECRAMA 2016 organized by IEEMA.

ASHIDA ELECTRONICS PVT LTD, has obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate from NABCB & UKAS.ISO 9001 covers all the activities right from Marketing, Designing, Production and Servicing.

50 years of excellence in indigenous design & development

Our Major Products:

Numerical Protection Relays :

  • Numerical Relays has large number of protection functions. The unique programmability allows the user to form its own logic suitable for existing site conditions. This saves a lot of wiring and panel space and becomes very cost effective. The relay is having open communication protocol, which allows monitoring the substation remotely.

  • ASHIDA has designed economical & reliable Multifunction Draw-out/Non draw-out Feeder Protection Relay ADR245B/ADR241A/ADR241B/A21F provides integrated Protection, Control and Monitoring functions for Sub Transmission Lines, Underground cables and Distributed Feeders.Protection & Control System.

  • Relay designed with fast and selective tripping ensures the stability and availability of electrical power system.

  • Transformer Differential Protection Relay ADR233B/A21T provides integrated Protection, Control and Monitoring functions for Transformers.

  • Motor Protection Relay ADR244A/ADR244B/A21M provides integrated Protection, Control and Monitoring functions for Induction motors.

  • Generator Protection Relay ADR245G provides protection, control & monitoring of distributed generator to achieve sensitivity and selectivity on phase and ground faults.

  • Normally all electronics units require some sort of auxiliary power supply for its own operation. Self Power RMU Protection Relay ADR241S is a special protection relay which can take power supply from the current it is monitoring. This unique feature makes ADR241S relay well suitable for RMU (Ring Main Unit).

  • ASHIDA is one of the major Suppliers of protection system for 25kV railway traction system. ASHIDA has developed complete protection scheme for Indian Railways.

  • SCADA :

  • SCADA system is a very important tool to monitor power system effectively. ASHIDA has developed very versatile SCADA system software which can communicate with variety of Relays / RTU having different protocols such as IEC 60870-5-103, DNP 3, MODBUS, IEC 61850 etc.

  • Energy Management Software are very crucial to co-gen plants, industries etc to analyse the import/export energy etc. These reliable software from ASHIDA are a part of the ASCADA suite.

  • Proven SCADA systems with in-house development of hardware (RTU) as well as the SCADA software.

  • ASHIDA has Designed, Developed & Perfected SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System) System especially for Substation Automation for Electrical Utility application.

  • The concepts we have used in our ASHIDA SCADA system employs Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Station Controller, Intelligent Electronic Devices (FCCM) etc. A-SCADA can integrate different makes of Bay Controller Units (BCUs), Numerical Protection Relays and Multi Function Meters with integration of multiple protocols.

  • ASHIDA SCADA system covers complete Energy Management System, Alarms & Status monitoring, recording & controlling outputs. It measures Digital Inputs (DI), Analog Inputs (AI) & Digital Outputs (DO) and executes complete protection Relay analysis.

  • Control & Relay Panels :

  • ASHIDA Numerical Protection & Auxiliary Relays offer a perfect solution for integration into Substation Automation System. ASHIDA manufactures Control & Relay Panels for protection of Feeders & Transformers at 11kV to 220kV voltage levels. ASHIDA also gives solution for Line Differential Protection, Bus Bar & Bus Coupler Protection, Integrated Motor Control Systems etc.

Conflict Minerals Policy:

We at ASHIDA Electronics Pvt Ltd are committed to adhere to the relevant requirements of Compliance regarding CMRT program as and when demanded by our esteemed Customers as a part of Supply Chain.

Please download our CMRT Policy report from following link:

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