ADR112E – Non Communicable Neutral Displacement


General Description

The ADR112E is a single phase neutral voltage displacement relay with timer suitable for capacitor protection, VT supervision etc.

ANSI Protection Functions
59DN Neural voltage protection.

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR112E Non Communicable Numerical neutral displacement Capacitor Protection relay. CSA-150

Numerical Neutral Displacement Capacitor Protection Relay : ADR112E


  • 1 Phase Neutral Displacement Relay.
  • Programmable (Non- Volatile) Setting By local keys.
  • Display of fault voltage / Load voltage.
  • Back - lit LCD display for settings.
  • Voltage Sensing Setting Range – 5V to 20V. in steps of 0.5V.
  • IDMT Curve equivalent to VDG14 of EE.
  • Design using DSP technology.
  • Latching of fault value.
  • Pass-word protection for setting.