ADR212A – Communicable Inverse Time UV/OV


General Description

The ADR212A is a single element inverse time under or over voltage relay with timer suitable for capacitor bank protection, VT supervision etc.

ANSI Protection Functions
27 Under voltage protection for all 3 phases.
59 over voltage protection for all 3 phases.

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR212A-AVDG11 Communicable Numerical 1 phase over voltage relay. CSA-150

ADR212A-AVDG13 Communicable Numerical 1 phase under voltage relay. CSA-150

Numerical Inverse Time Over Voltage Relay : ADR212A


  • 1 Phase inverse time over voltage Relay or under voltage protection.
  • Programmable (Non- Volatile) Setting By local keys Back - lit LCD display for settings.
  • Display of fault voltage / Load voltage.
  • IDMT Curve. Equivalent VDG11 and VDG13 of EE make relay.
  • Design using DSP technology.
  • IDMT Curve equivalent to VDG14 of EE.
  • Design using DSP technology.
  • Latching of fault value.
  • Pass-word protection for setting.
  • With RS232 & 485 port.