APFO/2 – Panto Flashover



  • Specially designed for Traction OHE protection. As per RDSO specs TI/SP/PSI/PROTCT/4050.
  • Independent UV setting for both PTs.
  • RS-232 and RS485 digital serial interface for remote monitoring and SCADA operation
  • Relay can be Bypass either locally or Remotely.
  • One relay monitors Two Lines.

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
APFO/2 Panto Flashover Relay CSE-H-130

Panto Flashover Relay :APFO/2

General Description

The relay has two independent sections marked as A and B. each section monitors one line.

  • Large 20x4 LCD display for Parameter and setting display.
  • Disturbance Recorder. 50 cycles of actual waveform of voltage & current (45 pre-fault & 5 post fault) are captured & saved in the builtin memory with date time stamping, for analyzing fault condition.
  • Separate Communication Ports for SCADA (RS485) as well as Local testing (RS232C)
  • Fully communicable with IEC standard open protocol.
  • Online display of CB status and other digital and logical status.
  • Continuous monitoring of module’s internal hardware and alarm generation in case of failure of any critical components.
  • 100 nos of event memory, event such CB close, Trip, digital status change, relay pkp etc. All events are with date and time stamped up to 1ms.