• FCCM
  • FCCM

Standard Specifications :

Measurement Accuracy : All Events are time stamped with 1msec Accuracy.
Auxiliary Supply : 18-52 V DC/AC or 77-250 V DC/AC or +12 & +24VDC.
Internal Memory : Buffer for upto 256 Events, in case of Communication failure.
Type Test : As per IEC 60255 standard.
Communication Ports : Options of Rs485, RS232, Fiber-optic or Ethernet connections.
Communication Protocols : IEC-870-5-103 or 'ASCADA' Ashida proprietary.
Cutout : I138 x 280 mm.

Feeder Control & Communication Module :FCCM3/4/5

General Description

FCCM Rack consists of a Enclosure with Power supply, Communication card & slots for up-to 5 FCCM modules
Three option are currently available for FCCM modules:

  • FCCM/3: 16 Status (DI) inputs for alarms
  • FCCM/5B: 8 Status (DI) inputs & 8 Control (DO) Outputs
  • FCCM/4B: 4 Analog inputs (4-20mA, 0-5VDC or 0-110VAC)