If the SIM card within the FRTU (feeder remote terminal unit) is data-enabled, it is also possible to ‘dial-into’ the FRTU, using ASCADA-SAS software to form a full-fledged SCADA system. ASCADA-SAS software can be configured to dial individual RMU for a short duration on pre-programmed times.

Main parts of ASHIDA FRTU (AFRTU1) are special versions of DI/DO Cards, GSM/ CDMA Modem and other accessories. An Analog input card can also be used instead of DO card to enable FRTU to read analog values also. The FRTU has been so designed so that RTU can interface with communicable protection relays & communicable Multi-function electrical meters. Thus making the FRTU virtually future-proof.

AFRTU1 - ASHIDA FRTU for Ring Main Units (RMU)

AFRTU1 is a customized implementation of various ASHIDA SCADA components & modules along-with in-built GSM/CDMA based communication. AFRTU1 is ideally suited for automation of Ring Main Units. The FRTU has provision of monitoring 24 status/ alarm signals & 8 control outputs using one FCCM/3(DI) and one FCCM/5B (DO) cards mounted inside a compact 144 x 144 x 200mm box. The FRTU can suitably powered using 24VDC source.

A RS485 port can further extend the communication to a communicable relay. The simplified over-all scheme can be shown in the following diagram:

The FRTU can be programmed to send a SMS on any change of any of the status input. The mobile number & message is freely programmable using front RS232 port & ASHIDA Relay-Talk software. The FRTU is also capable of operating any of the 8 control outputs on receiving a SMS command. For security, control command is accepted only from those number which are configured for sending SMS.