Main Architecture


Ashida SCADA-SAS (Substation Automation) System

ASHIDA SCADA Systems (ASCADA-SAS) is a Powerful & Flexible Substation Automation System based on IED (Relays, RTU, Energy meters, etc). Under this scheme, individually bays are connected to individual SCADA modules or IEDs that are capable of acquiring bay-level data & communicating in a digital format.
A common open protocol enables formation of a common data bus, seamlessly integrating these individual components to form a distributed monitoring & controlling system.
The communication ports of these IED’s can be connected to the master computer using appropriate communication medium. Communication medium can be RS485, Copper cable, Fiber-optic, Ethernet or any other medium.
Thus, ASCADA-SAS (Substation Automation System) can also integrate with protection relays/ IEDs or Meters from various vendors, which support standard protocols to provide additional protection data & powerful fault analysis.
Supported protocols includes ASCADA, IEC60870-5-103, DNP3, MODBUS, SPORT, etc It is possible to forward all parameters to a central control or to a separate system like GIS.