ADR239A 3Phase Distance Protection Relay


General Description

The ADR239A is 3 Phase Distance protection relay This type of relays are designed using latest numerical technology and having programmable digital input and outputs to minimized external contact multiplication electromechanical relays. All relays are tested for EMI / EMC noise as per international IEC specifications.
General features of this relay are as given below

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR239A 3Phase Distance Protection Relay CSE-H-130

Numerical Communicable 3 Phase Distance Protection Relay : ADR239A


  • Three Phase Distance Protection
  • Four Independent Groups & Five Independent Zones of Protection.
  • Independent Polygonal/Mho characteristics for Phase to Phase and Phase to Ground Faults.
  • Settable Switch On to faults and Auto Recloser.
  • Three phase under/over voltage function.
  • Breaker Fail & Trip Circuit Supervision.
  • VT Fuse & Circuit breaker failure.
  • Power swing Detection.
  • Backup Over current Function: Directional / Non-directional.
  • Minimum operating time of 1.5 Cycles (30msec).
  • In built Real Time Clock with non-volatile memory for time stamping.
  • Large 20x4 LCD display for Parameter and setting display.
  • Disturbance Recorder. Upto 1 sec.
  • Fully communicable with IEC standard open protocol. IEC60870-5-103 & IEC 61850.
  • Separate Communication Port for SCADA (RS485) as well as Local testing (RS232C).
  • 10 Programmable Digital Output contacts.
  • Display of Voltage, current, PF, Active, Reactive Power in terms of primary & Secondary value.