Station Controller

Station Controller performs task as

  • Continuous scanning of all FCCM cards & Numeric relays for updated parameter values & events.
  • Sending control operation command to numeric relays or digital output cards.
  • Display all acquired information locally on LCD.
  • Provide all information to control room via communication link on demand.
  • Sending updated parameters values to RCC as response to commands.
  • Download FCCM and IO configuration.

Logic function

The Station controller is the heart of the RTU and as such provides ‘intelligence’ to this functioning of the RTU. Some of the special functions implemented in the station controller are

  • Downloading of parameters to decide number of DI, DO, AI, etc. to be scanned. Also the control operation pulse width, event window time, etc is also set from this command.
  • Diagnostic commands for the SC hardware & also those of the associated cards in the RTU are supported by the station controller.
  • Closed loop action. This feature enables operation of a control when certain logical criterion is met. For example this is used for automatic tripping of bridging interrupters at SP on under-voltage conditions.
  • Interlock programming. Using this feature, control can be enabled or disabled depending on digital inputs. This can be used at boundary posts for grant/ release of controls

Station Controller

ASHIDA Station Controller ADR200A is a ‘Station-level’ controller which can communicate with multiple slave devices like Protection relays, Meters, etc., process this information & transmit it onwards to a remote master. Slave protocols include IEC60870-5-103 & MODBUS. Master protocols include IEC60870-5-101 and SPORT. ADR2300A is ideally suited to schemes where multiple sub-stations are to be controlled from a single location.
This intelligent device communicates with a number of slave devices (DI, DO Cards, Numerical Relays, etc.) & compiles this information which serves as a single database of the entire sub-station / post. This compiled information can then be communicated with RCC using standard protocol.
Details: Station Controller gathers the information from all Digital input, digital output and analog input cards. It has two communication ports.
First port is RS232 and is used for SCADA PC communication using SPORT/ IEC101 protocol. Second port is RS485 and is used for communication with FCCM Cards / Numerical Relays using IEC60870-5-103 or MODBUS protocol.