Local SCADA- Local SubStation Monitoring & Control Systems

  • Local SCADA- Local SubStation Monitoring & Control Systems:

Ashida has executed several projects where the substation needs to be locally monitored & controlled by a SCADA Automation System. This gives the user the ease to control the associated switchgear in the substation from a single click on the PC. All the securities are taken care of for the user to gain access to the system. The SCADA software also provides on a colourful single line diagram the current status of switchgear like circuit breaker , isolator etc.

Also the Numerical Relays communicable on various different protocols can be integrated to SCADA systems. The software provides several advantages to the user in terms event analysis, trend analysis, various reports , alarms, annunciator windows etc.

Multiple protocols like IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, MODBUS & many others are used in these architectures.

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