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ASHIDA manufacturer Numerical Protection Relay and Auxiliary Relay have applications in high and extra high voltage levels. Our numerical relays are successfully installed across the globe from 6.6kV to 220kV substations. Numerical Relays have varied applications ranging from protecting feeders, transformers, motors etc.

Type of Numerical Protection Relay

  • ADR241S relays are installed in ring main units thus protecting distribution system in India and abroad. ADR241S has self-power or dual power feature. An Auxiliary Voltage supply is not required. The internal battery is used for maintaining LCD display and communication during the fault condition.
  • ADR245B relays are installed to protect feeders in high voltage and extra high voltage systems. The relay has directional over current and earth fault protection feature
  • ADR241A, ADR241B, ADR241C & A21F relays are installed to protect feeders in high voltage and extra high voltage systems. The numerical protection relay has non-directional over current and earth fault protection feature.
  • ADR233B & A21T relays are installed to protect transformers in high voltage and extra high voltage systems. The relay protects two-winding transformers.
  • ADR244A, ADR244B & A21M relays are installed to protect motors. Numerical relay is designed with fast and selective tripping which ensures the stability and availability of electrical power system.
  • Auxiliary Relays are available in draw-out and non-draw out type cabinets. ASHIDA have launched Ojas Series relays, which are available in draw-out type and have sufficient number of digital inputs and digital outputs which satisfies the requirements of high voltage systems.
  • Numerical Relay have latest communication protocols like IEC103, DNP3, MODBUS, IEC61850 etc. and supports standard GOOSE messaging for relay to relay communication.

ASHIDA is manufcaturing Control & Relay Panels & designed as per the applications. ASHIDA has supplied Control & Relay Panels for different voltage levels ranging from 11kV to 220kV.

ASHIDA SCADA system helps in monitoring power system efficiently and effectively. We have developed very versatile SCADA system software which can communicate with all type of IEDs viz. Communicable Relays, RTUs, Meters etc. having different protocols such as IEC101, IEC103, IEC104, DNP3, MODBUS, IEC61850 etc.

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