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51 Years of Excellence in Power Protection Solutions



Integrated Solutions – Protection & Automation

Ashida Electronics has a legacy of almost half century in the field of providing solutions of power protection & Automation. These solutions include Numerical Protection Relays, engineering complete Control & Relay Panels for various schemes at various voltage levels in a substation & SCADA systems for Automation

The Protection Relays include various models for various applications including Feeder Management, Transformer Management etc. Some few listed are as below:

  • Feeder Protection-

Ashida offers multiple products for Feeder Protection Applications. Separate range of relays is available as Directional or Non Directional IEDs. These are communicable over a large variety of open protocols like IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, IEC 60870-5-103 etc

  • Transformer Protection-

Two winding biased Transformer Differential Relays form the range of Transformer Protection IED.This complete range of Relays is communicable on various open protocols like IEC 60870-5-103, MODBUS, DNP 3.0, IEC 61850 etc.

  • Motor Protection-

Ashida offers various solutions for protection of electric motors. The series of relays is available in Drawout & Non Drawout variants to suit the requirements of various clients.

  • RMU Protection-

RMU protection relays are specially designed relays to operate in the absence of auxiliary power. These relays are rather dual powered i.e they can operate on Auxiliary power or can be CT powered in case of absence of power. Ashida has wide variety of versions of self powered relays to suit various requirements of the clients in India & abroad.

  • Capacitor Bank Protection-

The protection for capacitor banks includes unbalance protection to provide alarm/ trip & overcurrent elements for bank fault protections.

  • Electromechanical Relays

Electromechanical Relays in both Drawout casing as well as Non Drawout casing are available in the range of Auxiliary relays. These include AC Supervision relays, DC supervision relays, Trip Circuit Supervision Relays, Auxiliary Relays, Change over Relays & Master Trip Relay.

  • Relay Test Block & Test Plug

Alongwith Numerical Relays & associated control & Relay Panels, we at Ashida have also started manufacturing of Secondary injection Test Block & test Plugs. The test block provides easy access for testing of power system protection scheme within the CRP panel without disturbing the existing wiring.

  • Control & Relay Panels

Ashida has manufactured & supplied Control & Relay Panels to most utilities in India. These are specially engineered solutions to suit the requirements of the clients. The CRPs are installed in substation environment right from 11kV to 220 kV voltage levels.

  • SubStation Automation Systems

Ashida takes pride in indigenous Research & Development Team which continuously bring enhancements to the software adding better value to the customers.

ASHIDA SCADA system helps in monitoring power system efficiently and effectively. We have developed very versatile SCADA system software which can communicate with all type of IEDs viz. Communicable Relays, RTUs, Meters etc. having different protocols such as IEC101, IEC103, IEC104, DNP3, MODBUS, IEC61850 etc.

  • Bay Control Unit

The ADR245B-BCU provides comprehensive control features and statistical metering for HV and MV switchgear, and for substation general services.
The BCU-ADR245B-BCU supports multiple protocols with IEC 61850 native platform which fulfill all requirements in the electrical sector.

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