Transformer Protection

Transformer Protection

Transformer Relay Protection in India, Manufacturer Transformer Protection in India

ASHIDA has designed & manufactured unique Transformer Protection Relay devices. ADR233B is equipped with phase Differential Protection. The Transformer Differential Protection Relay can be applied to protect two winding and three winding transformer.

The Power Transformer Protection Relay is available in three versions namely Basic (B0), Enhanced (E0) and Modular (M0). Different versions of the relay devices have different protection features. The number of digital inputs and digital outputs vary with model selection. ASHIDA has developed Transformer Relay A21T considering Industrial applications.

This relay is available with IEC standard open protocols such as IEC61850, IEC60870-5-103, MODBUS and DNP3 (Optional) for SCADA communication. In addition to self supervision feature, the relay have disturbance recording, event recording and fault recording.

Following protection functions are available in Self Powered Relay:

  • Two-Winding Phase Differential Protection (87T)
  • Three-Winding Phase Differential Protection (87T) (Modular Version Only)
  • High / Low Impedance Restricted Earth Fault Protection (64R)
  • Definite & Inverse Time Phase Over current Protection (50/51)
  • Definite & Inverse Time Phase Ground Over current Protection (50N/51N)
  • Negative Phase Sequence Protection (46)
  • Thermal Overload Protection (49)
  • Under Voltage Protection (27)
  • Over Voltage Protection (59)
  • Over Excitation (24)
  • Breaker Failure (50BF)
  • Switch ON To Fault (SOTF)
  • Lockout (Trip command) (86)
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  • power transformer protection relays devices

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