Self Powered Relay

Self Powered Relay

Self Powered Relay Manufacturers in India, Self Powered Relay Supplier in India

ASHIDA has designed & manufactured the unique product for protection of Ring Main Units. ADR241S is a self powered relay or dual powered relay. This relay can be used in RMUs where there is no external battery backup available.

Whenever the current is not available, ADR241S relay takes power from CT Current for its operation. Once the tripping operation takes place, the relay takes power from the battery to view fault current.

ADR241S is used for protection of RMUs. Whenever there is the fault in the operations of Ring Main Units, the relay senses and stores the data. With the introduction of a communicable, the data can be communicated through SCADA systems.

ASHIDA relay is available in different models and can be installed as per the applications and space available in Ring Main Units. ADR241S is available in vertical, horizontal and draw out types.

Following protection functions are available in Self Powered Relay:

  • Over Current Protection (50/51)
  • Earth Fault Protection (50N/51N)
  • Under Current Detection (37)
  • Thermal Overload Protection (49)
  • Inrush Blocking (68)
  • Negative Sequence Protection (46)
  • Broken Conductor Protection (46BC)
  • Auto Reclose (79)
  • self powered relay
  • self powered relay backside view
  • rmu protection

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During switching of load, there is the sudden surge of magnetizing inrush current. This relay is designed to block this inrush current to avoid the false tripping.

In ADR241S, thermal overload protection is designed to prevent the electrical equipment when operating temperature is exceeded the maximum designed temperature. The fundamental currents are measured and analyzed to monitor the thermal state.

In normal condition, the relay displays the actual current flowing through the relay. If a current is in fault range the self powered relay gives a trip command. The type of the fault is displayed on LCD display. All settings can be done locally as well as remotely via the communication port and saved in non-volatile memory.

ASHIDA has more than 47 years of experience in power protection solutions. With operations in more than 22 countries, ASHIDA is close to customers & partners all over the world, ensuring rapid response and service all the time.

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