Feeder Protection Relay

Feeder Protection Relay

Feeder Protection Relay Manufacturers & Supplier in India

ASHIDA has designed economical & reliable Multifunction Feeder Protection Relay. The Overcurrent Protection Relays are available in both Directional as well as Non – Directional Models. The ADR141A is a 3 OC and 1 EF Switchgear Protection relay with Instantaneous high set and programmable output to simplify feeder protection wiring. The simple and compact construction of ADITYA series ADR245B relay provides integrated Protection, Control and Monitoring functions for Over head Transmission Lines, Underground cables, and Distributed Feeders.

The ADR245B relay provides the options for three versions: basic, extended and modular versions. For hardware features of individual models refer to the ordering information.

ASHIDA make overcurrent Protection Relay ADR241A and ADR241B have draw out cabinets. ADR241A relay apply protection, control & monitoring of radial and ring main feeder to achieve sensitivity and selectivity on phase and ground faults.

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Our Offerings

ASHIDA make Feeder Protection relay offers a perfect solution for integration into your substation automation system or can be used as stand-alone multifunction protection.
Further, all of these smart, communicable products have sophisticated functionality for event, alarm and fault analysis.

ADR241B is second generation of Numerical overcurrent protection IDMT/DMT Relay. It consist all the necessary protection and monitoring functions required for Normal feeder. Relay designed with fast and selective tripping ensures the stability and availability of electrical power system.

The ADR241B is multifunction overcurrent protection / Earth fault Numerical relay design for requirement of typical medium voltage feeder. All the relays are designed using latest numerical technology and having programmable digital input and outputs to minimized external contact multiplication electromechanical relays. All relays are tested for EMI / EMC noise as per international IEC specifications.

ASHIDA has more than 47 years of experience in power protection solutions & Switchgear Protection. With operations in more than 22 countries, ASHIDA is close to customers & partners all over the world, ensuring rapid response and service at all the time.

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