A22F – Compact Communicable 3 OC + 1 EF


General Description

A22F is a very compact Communicable Numerical Protection Relay designed for Feeder Protection.

It offers non directional overcurrent and earth fault protection, with its functions designed to cover a wide range of applications in industrial installations, public distribution networks, and substations.

The relay is easily configurable by Ashida Programming software RTv2 & offers various advantages like Retrieval of events, faults , DR etc.

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
A22F Feeder Protection Relay CSF

ANSI code supported alongwith other function like metering

ANSI Code Description
50 Instantaneous Overcurrent
51 Time Delayed Overcurrent
50N Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent
51N Neutral Time Overcurrent
46BC Broken Conductor detection
46 Phase Unbalance
49 Thermal Overload
CLP Cold Load pickup
37 Under current
50BF Breaker Failure