ADR244A – Motor Protection Relay (Draw Out Type)


General Description

The ADR244A is Motor protection relay This type of relays are designed using latest numerical technology and having programmable digital input and outputs to minimized external contact multiplication electromechanical relays. All relays are tested for EMI / EMC noise as per international IEC specifications.
General features of this relay are as given below

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR244A Motor Protection Relay CSA

ANSI Code Description
CLP Cold load pick up
37 Under current Protection
46 Negative Phase Sequence Protection
46BC Broken Conductor Detection
47 Phase Reversal Detection
48 Number of starts
49 Thermal overload Protection
50 Instantaneous/Definite Time Phase Over current Protection
51 Inverse Time Phase Over current Protection
50N Instantaneous/Definite Time Ground Over current Protection
50LR Locked rotor/Motor stall Protection
51N Inverse Time Ground Over current Protection
64G High Impedance Restricted Earth Fault Protection
50BF Breaker Failure
86 Lockout (Trip command)