ADR111A – Non Communicable Single Pole OC/EF


General Description

The ADR111A is a single element OC /EF (the setting rang cove both phase / EF requirement) relay with Instantaneous high set.

ANSI Protection Functions
50/50N Instantaneous Protection (OC/ EF-Inst.)
51/51N Time Over current Protection (OC/ EF-IDMT.)
* 64N Restricted Earth Fault.
* The Relay can be use ether phase or EF or REF.

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR111A Non Communicable Numerical Over current / Earth fault Relay with 10% to 250% setting. CSB-150
ADR111E Non Communicable Numerical Earth fault Relay with sensitive 5% to 100% setting. CSB-150

Numerical Single Pole OC/EF Protection Relay : ADR111A


  • Back - lit LCD display for settings.
  • Display of fault current / Load current.
  • Selection of Curve: Six selectable curves (Normal Inverse 1 (C1), Normal Inverse 2 (C2), Very Inverse (C3), Extremely Inverse (C4), Long Time Inverse (C5) & Definite Time (C6).
  • Design using DSP technology.
  • Latching of fault current up-to last 5 fault.
  • Site selectable CT secondary.
  • Relay can be made either IDMT or Define time.
  • Programmable operating time in instantaneous element.
  • Breaker Fail Function.
  • Suitable For REF Protection.