ADR233B -Communicable multifunction differencial relay

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Standard Specifications

  • Transformer Differential + Over Current + Restricted Earth Fault./li>
  • 3 element Over current IDMT/DMT with instant trip./li>
  • Programmable Starting Current & Dual Bias Characteristics
  • Wide Bias Setting 10% to 50%
  • Programmable Pick-up characteristic
  • Harmonic Restrain for Transformer Charging & CT Saturation condition
  • Instantaneous Protection with adjustable timer.
  • Software base Vector group selection.
  • Non Restrain Time delay backup protection
  • Breaker Fail & Trip Circuit Supervision function.
The relay is designed using modular removable terminal, having CT sorting arrangement. This make very easy for removing relay for maintenance and calibration and testing. Most of the relays are multifunction and having large numbers of setting.

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR233B (Basic Version) Transformer Protection Relay CSE
ADR233B (Enhanced Version) Transformer Protection Relay CSD
ADR233B (Modular Version) Transformer Protection Relay CSK

ANSI Code Description
27 Under Voltage Protection
46BC Broken Conductor
46 Negative Phase Sequence Protection
50/51 Definite & Inverse Time Phase Over current Protection
50N Instantaneous/Definite Time Ground Over current Protection
51N Inverse Time Ground Over current Protection
64G High / Low Impedance Restricted Earth Fault Protection
50BF Breaker Failure
86 Lockout (Trip command)
87T Two winding phase differential Protection