ADR241B – Multifunction Communicable 3 OC + 1 EF

  • adr241b_1
  • feeder protection relay


  • 4 Element (3 Phase + EF + Sensitive EF) Over current IDMT/DMT with instant trip.
  • Selection of Curve: Five selectable curve (Normal Inverse 1 Normal Inverse 2, Very Inverse Extremely Inverse Long Time Inverse and Define Time.
  • 2 Setting Groups.
  • 4 stages of Phase Over Current element. (Ip1>, Ip2>, Ip>> and Ip>>>) (50,51).

Model Functional Details Cabinet Style
ADR241B Multifunction Communicable Over current / Earth fault Numerical Relay CSE-H-130

ADR241B Multifunction Communicable Over current / Earth fault Numerical Relay Draw-Out Type

3OC + 1EF Numerical Relay : ADR241B

General Description

The ADR241B is multifunction over current / Earth fault Numerical relay design for requirement of typical medium voltage feeder. All the relay are designed using latest numerical technology and having programmable digital input and outputs to minimized external contact multiplication electromechanical relays. All relays are tested for EMI / EMC noise as per international IEC specifications.

General features of all relays are as given below

  • 3 stages of 3Io (Internally derived EF) (3Io>, 3Io>> and 3Io>>>) (50N,51N).
  • 3 stages of Ie (Externally EF or REF) (Ie>, Ie>> and Ie>>>) (64).
  • Trip Circuit Supervision.(TC)
  • Breaker Failure Detection.(BF)
  • Monitoring Functions.
  • Auto Reclose Relay (ARR).(79)
  • Negative Phase Sequence.(46)
  • Relay / Led configuration.
  • Large 20x4 LCD display for Parameter and setting display.
  • Disturbance Recorder. Up 3 sec
  • Fully communicable with IEC standard open protocol. IEC60870-5-103 (RS232C and RS485)
  • 6 Digital Output (DO) and 8 Optically isolated digital status input (DI)
  • Programmable Logic of DI/DO.
  • 100 nos of event memory, 10 nos of Fault data stored with keypad interface and time stamping.