Major components of ASCADA-SAS includes

  • Human Machine Interface:
    • Server: This will directly communicate with the IEDs. Server can work as Main server or hot standby.
    • Client: It acts as a workstation for users.
    • Analysis: Provides historic analysis.
  • Communication Servers: These are ActiveX exes for different protocols works along with communication drivers for different communication medias.
  • SAS Configuration: This utility is divided in two parts one ‘SASConfig’, is used for substation configuration and other ‘MimicConfig’ for graphical mimic editor.
  • ASHIDA SAS (Ashida Scada Software Systems)->      

Ashida SCADA Software Systems

The ASCADA-SAS (Ashida SCADA Software Systems) is Windows operating system based, extremely user-friendly Software and works in a point-n-click environment.
The ASCADA-SAS Software interrogates SCADA modules installed on individual bays/post. All such information collected from various modules is then processed, recorded & presented to the user in form of colored mimic diagrams, event lists, alarm lists, graphs, summary screens & annunciation windows etc. These can be further conferred as per user requirements for customized audio alarms, etc.
In this mimic display screen, monitored component can be selected and operated with a simple point-n-click procedure. The user has an option to control individual bays based on this data. Multiple such sub-stations can be monitored from a single location.
The recorded data is used to generate reports like history event, feeder logs, energy audits, interruption, outage or tripping reports, history graphs and other analytical reports as per user requirements. Any of these can be exported to all popular word processing & spread sheet formats.