Relay Talk

Ashida Relay Talk System

ASHIDA Relay-Talk System is a suite of software used to interface with ASHIDAs’ range of communicable protection relays & modules. Relay-Talk is available for different protocols like ASCADA, IEC 69870-5-103, SPORT, MODBUS, and DNP3 etc. which are supported by ASHIDA relays
Relay-Talk acquires the metering and status data from the communication device or module and processes it. Acquired data is presented to the user in the form of electrical or analog parameters, status indications, event list, history faults, disturbance records, etc.
Further Relay-Talk system can also be used for control operations, time synchronization, reading and writing the relay settings, IO masking, etc. if supported by the device.

This system acts as a communication server for ASHIDA Substation Automation System (ASCADA-SAS).

  • ASHIDA Relay talk system for ASCADA      

  • ASHIDA Relay talk system for IEC 60870-5-103