Automation of Manufacturing Process

Sr No. Company Project
1. Intron Resistor Testing Automation System.
2. Johnson & Johnson Ltd. Stability Oven Monitoring System.
3. MRK Healthcare. Sterilizer Automation System.
4. Mukund Ltd. Graphical History Viewer.
5. Siemens Ltd. Temperature Rise Test System. Switchgear Endurance Test System.
6. Sulzer Pumps Ltd. Performance Test Automation System.
7. T.I.F.R. Ltd. Furnace Temperature Control/Monitor.

Automation Software along with Product

Sr No. Company Project
1. J.R.S. Ltd. Controlling the Bagging Process.
2. Mechelonic Welders Pvt.Ltd. Welding Monitoring System.
3. Saral Engineering Company. Rapid Mixer and Wet Granulator Automation.

Software division has major task of giving software support to all ASHIDA make numerical relays.

Sr No. Product
1. ADTR.
2. ADDR.

ASHIDA Software division has used its expertise in number of pure software also.

Sr No. Company Project
1. Western Railways. OHE Information Maintenance System
2. Simmocin. Software for Medical Stroes Management

ASHIDA Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Has full fledge Software division which, deals in all kinds of software project, but software with hardware interfacing is an unique feature of ASHIDA. Beside this specialty, ASHIDA has very good name in pure software projects also

Hardware interfacing is required in all type of Process Automation. ASHIDA offers Customized Test Automation System, and also various types of Automation Products.

  • Process Automation Systems.
  • Software support for ASHIDA Numerical Relays.
  • Database Maintenance Systems.