Solutions for RMU Automation

Solutions for RMU Automation:

Distribution is the most critical segment of the electricity business chain. The real challenge in the power sector today lies in efficient management of the distribution sector. Availability of a robust sub-transmission and distribution network is the need of the day for efficient management of the distribution system. Ashida has built solutions around this space facilitating monitoring of Ring Main Units via a central SCADA at Control Center.

The beauty of the solution lies in using the already existing network i.e GPRS or SMS .Along with GPRS, Ashida has made huge developments in building a machine to machine encrypted SMS (Short Messaging Service) to reach the data center. Events are transmitted via SMS & have added advantage of enhanced security compared to the vulnerable GPRS network.

This SMS technology is one of the many patents of Ashida & has been successfully deployed in locations where even GPRS network has potential issues.

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